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Watch, Stand, Fast in the faith, be brave, be strong

41st Annual Lectureship 

At the conclusion of Pauls first letter to the church at Corinth, he gives an exhortation to "watch stand fast in the faith, be brave and be strong ( I Cor. 16:13). We must be watchful, steadfast, brave, and strong in our convictions to faithfully serve the Lord in this present time. Thus, the theme for the 41st annual st. Louis area wide lectureship.

We will examine our need to hold true to the doctrine ( Gal 1:8,9) and the form of worship commanded by our Lord and practiced in the first century. We will be encouraged to "step up" in our work for the Lord, using our talents to strengthen and serve the church.'

We will be challenged to spread the good news to others as Jesus instructed before departing this earth (Matt 28:19,20) We will be urged to be brave and steadfast in our faith while we live in a world were being a Christian is full of challenges. We will be told of a better life in eternity and to be watchful that Satan does not pull us away from the great blessing that lies before us. All of this will be done in love as Paul provided the spirit through which we walk this path ( I Cor 16:14). We invite you to come as we are encouraged and challenged to straighten our walk with Christ, looking forward to an eternal home far better than we can describe. 

- The West End Elders 





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